Fees and Rewards

Fees are a big issue when using a DeFi platform like Money on Chain. Network commissions and platform commissions must be considered.


Every transaction in the Money on Chain (mint/redeem DoC and BPro) pays:
  • 0.25% fee when paid with MOC
  • 0.3% fee when paid with rBTC.
Those fees go:
  • 50% to mimLABS, to continue developing and maintaining of Money On Chain protocol and increase their adoption through outreach and community building efforts.
  • 50% go to:
    • 20% to BPro
    • 80% to MoC holders staking their MOC


BPro pays annually 1% of its value to the MoC protocol. It is deducted on a weekly basis, being approximately 0.01962% per week.
Those fees go:
  • 50% to mimLABS
  • 50% go to MoC holders staking their MOC


Holders staking their MoC tokens receive the fees mentioned above from the MOC Stablecoin Protocol, and 100% of the fees paid by users in the TEX.


There are two programs: MoC Liquidity Mining and MoC Staking Rewards.
These programs will have 78,750,000 MoC tokens to be distributed, which is the 37.5% of a total of 210 million MoC tokens to be minted.
More information about the rewards program can be found in this blog post: https://moneyonchain.com/blog/money-on-chain-rewards-explained/