Fees and Rewards

Fees are a very important topic when using a DeFi platform like Money on Chain. You have to consider network fees as well as platform fees.
Every network has its own fees that can be set between certain ranges depending on how much you are able to wait for your transaction to be confirmed. As Money on Chain is on the RSK network, these fees are cheaper than Ethereum for example.
Every transaction in the Money on Chain Stablecoin platform (mint/redeem DoC, BPro, and BTCx) pays a 0.1% fee when paid with MOC or 0.15% fee when paid with rBTC.
Those fees go:
  • 20% to BPro
  • 80% to MoC
Each token has its characteristics, so they pay or receive from the system to make the model work.
In order for the DoC to be stable, pegged 1:1 to the dollar it gives the volatility to BPro by giving small variable leverage that depends on market conditions.
The BPro tokens get the volatility of Bitcoin not wanted by DoC Holders. Thus, BitPRO is even more volatile than Bitcoin. BitPRO holders sell part of that volatility to traders looking for leverage (BTCX), earning a passive income.
  • 100% of the interest paid by BTCx goes to the BPro, increasing the value of the token.
  • BPro pays annually 0.25% of its value to the MoC protocol. It is deducted on a weekly basis, being approximately 0.0048% per week.
The BTCX is a BTC/USD instrument that is settled in Bitcoin. It is a 2x leveraged long operation on the price of BTC. In order to have this leverage, BTCx pays to BPro a variable interest that depends on market conditions.
MoC token receives fees from the Stablecoin Protocol (80%) and 100% of the fees paid by users in the TEX and MOC Oracles.
There are two programs: MoC Liquidity Mining and MoC Staking Rewards.
These programs will have 78,750,000 MoC tokens to be distributed, which is the 37.5% of a total of 210 million MoC tokens to be minted.
The protocol will mint 3% of the remaining MoC tokens destined to these programs (37.5% of 210 million MoC tokens) every 30 days, which will be distributed 25% to MoC Liquidity Mining and 75% to MoC Staking Rewards programs. These programs can change if MoC stakers decide it through a proposal/voting procedure.