Installing applications

Learn about the process of installing applications in your Ledger Wallet.

After updating Ledger Live you must install the applications you want to use.

You must click on Manager on the left menu and choose the one you want to install.

You can install Bitcoin first. Click on “Install” at the right of the Bitcoin row.

Once the application is installed on your device, you can set up an account.

Click on "Add account" or "Accounts" from the menu on the left. It will ask you to select the application for which you want to add an account.

It will instruct you to verify that the device is connected and enter the Bitcoin application.

Then it will ask you to add other accounts or return to the portfolio.

In the same way that you have installed Bitcoin, you will have to do it first with Ethereum and then with RSK.

Once the Ethereum application is installed, you must find the RSK application by writing next to the magnifying glass and click on install RSK.

Once RSK is installed you must access it on the device by navigating to RSK and pressing both buttons, then you must navigate to "Settings", press both buttons to enter, and navigate to the option that says "blind signing" or "contract data not allowed", make sure to press both buttons to change it.

Then you press the right button until you find “back” and confirm by pressing both buttons to return to the main menu of the device. Navigate to "Quit."

Ledger live does not allow adding an RSK account so you must use an “external” wallet like Liquality.

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