Mobile wallet

Example of how to configure a mobile wallet to access Money On Chain protocol.

Here you can find the way to configure a mobile wallet to access Money On Chain protocol.

You will be using Defiant wallet that is integrated into Money On Chain Protocol which allows you to operate directly from the wallet app but also lets you connect to Money On Chain web app through Wallet Connect.


Go to the Defiant web page and select Apple or Google store depending on your smartphone to download it.

Defiant Wallet on Google Play Store.

Defiant Wallet on Apple App Store.

Install the app like every other app on your smartphone and open it.


Defiant is a self-custodial wallet so whenever you create a new wallet, it will show you the possibility to backup the seed phrase that you will have to write down on paper in case something happens.

First you have to select the wallet type.

To be able to operate with Money on Chain protocol you have to create a wallet that can handle rBTC from Rootstock (RSK).

So you have two choices:

  • Intermediate: this option creates wallets for several blockchains, RSK included. But you will have to add Money On Chain tokens manually later.

  • Advanced: this option allows you to select the blockchains you want a wallet for. This way you have more control and can select Money On Chain tokens.

We suggest you select the Advanced option. You can add other blockchains later.

Go through every blockchain you want and select the tokens you will use.

Again, we recommend selecting Bitcoin and RSK tokens to start.

Then click Accept and after a few seconds, the wallet is created and ready to use.

Once created you will have the opportunity to Save Your Recovery Phrase besides other options, although you can skip this step and do it later, we strongly recommend you back up the seed phrase.

After this final step you are ready to use your wallet.

Remember you need rBTC to use as gas.

You can use Defiant in 2 ways: in the app itself given that it integrates directly with the protocol or through Wallet Connect with the Money On Chain web app.

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