Understanding Metrics

All the information you need to understand the Money On Chain Decentralized Finance protocol and its numbers.

The Metrics section has plenty of information about the system's health and helps you make your decisions regarding Money On Chain tokens.

The first card is for the System Status.

It shows the health of the system indicating which operations are available. This depends on the Global Coverage that is displayed at the right of the card.

The Global Coverage is the relation between collateral in the protocol measured in USD and DoC tokens issued.

β€ŒThe card at the right shows the information on the amount of rBTC in the protocol disaggregated by BPro (orange) and DoC (green).

Then we can see rBTC price in USD and rBTC interest bag which was the interest paid to BPro by BTCx. As BTCx is no longer part of the protocol, this interest is 0 rBTC.

EMA (Exponential Moving Average) is the rBTC price at which the Global Coverage reaches Target Coverage (lower limit of Coverage at which the system begins the restrictions).

The DoC card displays the amount in the system (minted) and the amount available to redeem and mint according to the collateral locked.

The next card shows MOC token price.

BPro card shows:

  • Current price

  • Leverage

  • The total in the system is the amount of BPro minted

  • Available to redeem

  • The Discount price will remain equal to BPro price. It will show a lower number only in the case the Global Coverage goes lower than 2 as it is explained in this article.

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