Configuring the wallet

Setting up your Ledger Wallet correctly.

It is time to configure the wallet. This procedure will require your attention for approximately 30 minutes, so find a quiet place and a pen to write the recovery phrase (24 words). You can use the cards that come with the Ledger.

In these steps you must do the following:

  • set the PIN to unlock the device (similar to how you do it with your phone)

  • record the recovery phrase in a handwritten form with a pen (never digitally)

  • connect the device

To operate the device you must bear in mind the following: there are 2 buttons on the upper face and the screen. You must use the buttons to navigate to the right with the right button and to the left with the left button. To confirm the selection you must press both at the same time.

Click on "OK, I'm ready!" Then you must connect your device and follow the instructions to configure a pin between 4 and 8 numbers and write on paper with a pen the words of the seed phrase that the device delivers.

It will give you the 24 words in sequential order, which you must write in that same order, then it will ask you to confirm each of them and you must do it from # 1 to # 24. Find the correct word for each position and to confirm it, press both buttons.

Once this process has been carried out following the instructions on the screen and on the device, Ledger Live will tell you if there is an update, in which case you must download and install it.

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