Installing Ledger Live

Ledger Live installation process.

You should go to the first step and choose to download the Ledger Live installation software for your computer's operating system.

The download will begin and once completed, you must run the downloaded file from Ledger's site. It will ask if you want to install it indicating that modifications will be made to the equipment, you have to accept and install it in the default location indicated in the dialog box.

At the end of the installation process, the following dialog box will appear, click on "Finish" verifying that the option "Run Ledger Live" is selected to open the application.

The Welcome to Ledger screen looks like this:

Click on "Get started", it will show "Terms of use", read them and click accepting both "Terms of use" and "Privacy policy".

You will be asked to choose a device, in this example we use Nano S.

After choosing the corresponding device, you will see the following screen. Being the first time, you must click on "Set up a new Nano S".

Next step:

Configuring the wallet

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