Rabby is a multi-chain web3 and desktop wallet with a mobile version in beta.

Here we will see how to configure the web3 extension.


  • Go to the Rabby website

  • Download and add the extension to the web browser

When you first click on the extension it will show you that you can access all dapps that support Metamask and that it's self-custodial.

Then you can create a new seed phrase, import other wallets, or connect to hardware wallets.

Please select the option you want, here we will select Create New Seed Phrase.

It will ask you to Set a Password, then, it will reveal a new seed phrase.

After writing down your seed phrase, Rabby will show you several addresses that you can select to add to the wallet.

After clicking the Done button, you will need to select Rootstock network.

Now you can connect to dapps over the Rootstock network like Money On Chain.

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