Web3 wallet

Example of how to configure a web3 wallet to access Money On Chain protocol.

Both Nifty and Liquality wallets are discontinued.

For this reason, although it can continue to be used in the short term, users are suggested to transfer their tokens or import the seed phrase to other wallets.

You can ask on MOC community channels, Telegram, and Discord if you have doubts.


Metamask is the best option for users using it on networks like Ethereum.


  • Go to the Metamask site and download the latest version of the wallet extension.

  • Install and activate the Metamask browser extension.

  • Open Metamask and register. Don't forget to save the recovery phrase.


Click on the circle in the upper right corner of the wallet β†’ Settings β†’ Networks β†’ click on Add Network and enter the following RSK network settings:

Network Name: RSK Mainnet

New RPC URL: https://public-node.rsk.co

Chain ID: 30

Currency Symbol: RBTC

Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.rsk.co

Click Save and make sure to switch to the RSK Mainnet.

Access to the dApp

  1. Click on Engage Wallet at the top right, choose the Browser Wallet option, and select Metamask.

Connect your wallet.

Note: you will only need to connect your wallet once in this way. Subsequent connections will happen automatically or via a simple click by signing a message.

Have more questions? - Check out the Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced gas controls at Metamask

If you want to use Metamask to its full capacity and not pay too little gas, you will need to activate advanced gas controls in your Metamask wallet.

  • Click on the circle in the top right corner of the wallet and click Settings.

  • Go to Advanced and activate Advanced Gas Controls.

With this option enabled, you will be able to set your own gas rate when making a transaction from your Metamask wallet.

Thanks to fast BTC or rBTC (Rootstock, not Ren), you can set your gas fees at a negligible 0.06 rGWEI (0.00000000006 rBTC) and enjoy fast transfer of your tokens.

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