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What is DoC?

The dollar on chain, our first stable coin. It is pegged 1:1 to the US dollar guaranteed by the smart contract.

How is the peg to the US dollar guaranteed?

The peg is guaranteed by the smart contract, the rules and incentives are aligned so DoC can always be redeemed for the same amount of dollars in rBTC. For more details check our technical whitepaper.

How much does it cost to mint or redeem a DoC?

You have to pay a small fee to mint or redeem DoC. You can pay with MoC tokens (0.1%) or with rBTC (0.15%).

How much does it cost to transfer DoC?

It is free, once DoC tokens are issued, Money On Chain protocol does not charge for transfers.

Can I store my DoC/BPro/MoC in my Trezor or Ledger wallet?

Yes, you only need to connect your hardware wallet to Metamask or Nifty.

What is a BPro?

A BPro is a HODL + Earn token that enables hodlers to earn more Satoshis on bitcoin while keeping their private keys with no commitment. Its value comes from the amount of bitcoins it represents on the Money On Chain smart contracts, the bitcoins represented by a BPro are literally trapped inside the smart contract. The BPro is designed for long term bitcoin holders, it pays a passive income in bitcoins and it has a little bit of free leverage. This means that when the price of bitcoin goes up, it goes up a little bit more increasing the amount of bitcoin you hold, and when the price of bitcoin goes down, it goes down a little bit more, however this downside can be diminished by the passive income. On top of this, BPro holders receive MoC tokens from the Liquidity Mining program for providing collateral to the protocol.

Are BPro completely risk free?

The incentives are aligned so that when the price of bitcoin drops significantly, more collateral is added to the system. Which is designed to make BTCx take most of the risk. With the latest improvements, the only way for the system to settle is if the MoC holders so decide in case the Coverage remains around 1 for a while. You can read more about this in the article What if bitcoin had a flash crash?​

Are BPro redeemable at any time?

Typically you will be able to redeem your BPro for bitcoins against the smart contract. But there are some unusual market conditions where the collateral cannot be taken out of the system. In this scenario you will be able to sell your BPro for bitcoin or DoC in the decentralized token exchange, TEX or another secondary market like RSKSwap o Sovryn.

How much does it cost to mint or redeem BPro?

You have to pay a small fee to mint or redeem BPro. You can pay with MoC tokens (0.1%) or with rBTC (0.15%).

What is a BTCx?

It is a leveraged position on bitcoin. This means that when the price of bitcoin goes up, the price of BTCx goes up higher, and when the price goes down, it goes down lower. BTCx is a high risk product and you can lose 100% of your bitcoins in unfavorable market conditions.

Can BTCx be redeemed at any time?

Yes BTCx can be redeemed at any time no matter of market conditions.

Is BTCx a future contract?

BTCx acts like a future contract, it expires every 30 days, but there are no order books to trade it to, you trade against the liquidity pool formed by all the DoC tokens in the system.

Has BTCx a fixed leverage?

At the beginning of the period the leverage is 2, but it can fluctuate with the price. You fix your leverage when you set the operation, but the leverage for newcomers will depend on the current price and the starting price of the contract. Example:
  • The price of bitcoin is 10k, current leverage is 2x. You buy 1 bitcoin of BTCx. One week later, the price of bitcoin is 40k. You have 80k.

How is the rate for the BTCx calculated?

It depends on the amount of BTCx issued. The higher the amount, the higher the rate. For further details check our technical whitepaper.

How is rate paid by the BTCx?

The rate is paid in full until the settlement date and fixed at current rate, if you redeem your BTCx depending on market conditions it could be more or less of what you paid, check our technical whitepaper for further details.