Getting rBTC with Liquality

How to get rBTC with Liquality Atomic Swaps

This is a guide to making swaps from BTC to rBTC or vice versa in Liquality Wallet and how to connect it to Money on Chain.

Install Liquality

Go to and click the download the wallet extension, it will take you to Chrome Web Store, where you can install it as an extension in your browser.

Set up your wallet

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Then you can choose to import a wallet with a seed phrase or create a new one.

Click on Create a new wallet.

After setting up a password and writing down the seed phrase your wallet would be created and ready to go.

There is also the possibility to import a compatible wallet. To do so click on “Import with seed phrase”, it is just as simple as writing the words of another compatible wallet’s seed phrase in the right order. Afterwards, the funds will appear in your wallet’s balance.

The next step is to send some funds to the wallet just created. In order to do this go to the asset you want and click receive. Copy or scan the address and go to the other wallet to send the funds. Have in mind that currently, the minimum amount to swap is 0.005 BTC (due to high fees) so you would have to add a few more sats for mining fees.

Swap your asset

Swap BTC or ETH to rBTC (or vice versa) using cross-chain atomic swaps. If it’s your first swap, you won’t need rBTC. For the following swaps, you’ll need rBTC to pay for RSK gas.

Click the Swap button and then select the corresponding asset.

Once in the Swap screen, select the amount you want to swap and the asset you want to receive

Click in Review, you will be shown all the details of the swap (fees from both networks) and the maximum time that the swap could take, otherwise you’ll be refunded.

You can see the details of the swapping process clicking in the transaction.

Once the swap is done it will reflect in your wallet’s balance.

Connect to the platform

Make Liquality your default browser wallet and choose the RSK network in Settings. This will enable connection with RSK dApps, and will disable the connection feature for MetaMask or other browser wallets you have in parallel (you can switch back by toggling off this setting).

Display other tokens

To display Money on Chain tokens, click on the menu (up-right corner) and then Manage Assets.

In Assets View, toggle on/off the ones you want to display, in this case, BPro.

Go to the Money on Chain platform (or any other RSK dApp) and connect your Wallet. You will be asked to sign a message in order to login to the dApp.

Useful Liquality links

Telegram: @liquality

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