How to mint BPro

This guide shows the way to mint BPro tokens using the platform

Connect to Money on Chain

Go to and connect with the wallet of your preference.
The wallet will prompt you a message to sign, in order to login to the platform with it. Please sign it, to access the home page of the dApp.
Once on the Home page, you can either click the arrow button at the right of BPro card or click BPro Token in the left menu.
On the BPro section, you have all the information needed to perform the desired transaction.
Click rBTC on the left box to MINT BPro (if you want to REDEEM select BPro in the left box).
Enter the amount of rBTC and the system will fill the amount of BPro to be minted.
You can see below the equivalent of the transaction in dollars and the fee.
You can pay the fee either with rBTC (0.15%) or with MoC tokens (0.1%) getting a 33% discount.
Changing the token in which you pay the fee needs an approval transaction and uses gas.
Click Mint button.
Example paying fee with rBTC
Example paying fee with MoC
Another confirmation screen is shown just to be sure, click Confirm, and then the wallet confirmation.
Take into consideration that in Liquality wallet you can change the NETWORK SPEED / FEE to slow or fast (it’s set to average by default). If not in a hurry you will pay a lesser fee switching to slow.
The app will show that your tx is pending and you can verify it by clicking on Explorer TX. After a few seconds, your balance will be reflected.
Congratulations! You have just minted your first BPro.