Using MOC Tools

We explain how to stake the MOC Token using the MOC Tools web application. A step-by-step guide to do the whole process correctly.

You can log in to MOC Tools using a web3 wallet like Metamask or Liquality, a mobile wallet with Wallet Connect, or a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor through the rLogin screen. If you have doubts about using or installing a wallet, please go to Money on Chain’s Wiki, Wallet Setup. When you enter the Webapp you need to allow access to your accounts.

Then you would have to verify and confirm the information shown about the address and the network.

Types of Users:

MOC Tools can be used by three types of users: Staking Users, Vesting Users, and Oracles Owners. Any user interaction with the system requires the user to stake MOCs.

To keep it simple, we are going to focus only on the staking user explaining how to stake MoC tokens (Allow and Stake). We’ll explain all the things related to the voting process in another document.

Staking User

The Staking Users can interact with the system by staking MoC tokens. The type of interaction with the system are the ones detailed below:

0. Allow and Stake: Those are actions that are requirements for any other action. The action itself will stake MoC tokens into the system. Tab: Staking.

1. Proposal: Create new proposals or edit existing ones. The Admin user has the privilege to moderate them by admitting or not a proposal. Tab: Vote.

2. Voting: Vote for or against any proposal. The proposals are divided into three phases: Pre-vote, vote, and finish. Tab: Vote.

3. Oracles: They can register a new oracle, and then subscribe to a coinpair. When they create an oracle, the user becomes an Oracle Owner. Tab: Oracles.

This is the main page of the MOC Tools app:

Tabs and addresses

Addresses: In the upper right corner you will see an address or a drop-down menu with an address. That drop-down menu will show you your wallet address. You could select any of those addresses to use.

  • The button . + . will copy the address to your clipboard.

If you haven’t done it already, you should add MoC token to your wallet. We show you how to do it with Nifty, but it’s similar in other wallets.

You can find the MoC token address on MOC Tools under the Info tab in the menu bar and scroll down to the Token section.

For simplicity, you can copy the address from here:

MoC Token Address : 0x9AC7fE28967B30E3A4e6e03286d715b42B453D10

Go to Liquality and Click Add Custom Token

Then paste the MoC token address you copied before.


Is a requirement to have a positive balance in MoC and rBTC in the wallet to make transactions in the WebApp.

Compromised Stake: In the first section we can see the info relative to our MOCs. Here we can check how many MOCs are in the system (AKA “Total”), how many are locked, and how many are outside the system (AKA free MOCs). We will use 1000 free MOCs for this example.

The Operations section shows how many of your funds are marked as allowed and gives you the option to allow more tokens, deposit allowed tokens, or withdraw deposited tokens.

In our example, we will allow 500 MoC tokens and deposit 250 from our 1000 Free MoC tokens.

Deposit: In view of operating with the rest of the system you need to deposit some funds, to do this you need to perform the next actions:

  • Enter an amount to be allowed. (we will use 500 MOCs)

  • Press Allow .

  • You will have to confirm a wallet tx.

  • Verify that your funds are allowed.

  • Enter an amount equal to or less than your current allowance. Those tokens will be deposited in the system. (we will use 250 MOCs)

  • Press Deposit .

  • You will have to confirm a wallet tx.

In the next figure, we can see the results of the operations performed:

We started with 1000 MoC tokens (Free MOCs), then set the allowance to 500 MoC and staked 250 MoC, as a result, the Compromised Stake is 250 MoC that will be earning from the MOC Rewards program and you could use for vote/veto a proposal.


Whenever you consider it convenient you can withdraw your staked MoC tokens.

Withdraw: You can withdraw funds from the system by performing the following actions on this tab. We will withdraw 100 from our 250 staked tokens.

  • Enter an amount to withdraw from the system in the text field

  • Click Withdraw .

After that you will see in the Pending Withdrawals sections your withdrawal request, you can now Cancel it, otherwise, the Withdraw button will be clickable when the Expiration period ends.

The Expiration Period is 30 days. Then your MoC tokens will be available.

Finally, you can see the state of the original 1000 MoC tokens:

  • Staked (Total MOCs): 150

  • Available to stake (Free MOCs): 750

  • Pending withdrawal: 100

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