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Different ways to buy MOC tokens in secondary markets.

There are different alternatives to buying MOC tokens. Here are some of them.


One way to buy tokens is through the Rubic platform. The following video (in Spanish) shows how to do it:

With rBTC


Through Rubic you can make a direct cross-chain swap to MOC. No doubt this is the easiest way to get to MOC, but it is worth noting that the impact price is a bit high and you have to add the bridge commissions.


You must first do a cross-chain swap to get to RBTC or in case you don't want to expose to Bitcoin volatility in the process time, RUSDT is the option.

In both cases, once you get any of the mentioned tokens, they have to be taken to OKU Trade to make a swap to MOC.

OKU Trade

Another way is through the OKU Trade exchange, a version of Uniswap v3 in which you can use Rootstock. Here is a video explaining how to use it:


It only supports RUSDT but in its favor 2 aspects can be considered:

  1. Low commissions.

  2. Part of the funds to be moved, you can choose to receive them in RBTC and with this, pay the fees within Rootstock.

To get to MOC this is the way:

First, you must make a cross-chain swap to get RUSDT and then, in OKU Trade, swap RUSDT to MOC.

You can also buy tokens through these secondary markets:

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